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Do you think that the sharing of expertise and initiatives between health players would improve the health of everyone ?

Where humans
change health

hkind allows decompartmentalized, quick and easy sharing of initiatives and useful health projects.

hkind is for those who want to make a positive impact in the health sector: nurses, volunteers, professionals, patients or caregivers.

hkind app is realising soon !

Everything's free for the very early birds !

If you submit your health initiative now, it will be put forward at the release of hkind app. Your project will be in the firsts filed and will have more visibility!

Attention, the number of projects benefiting from this offer is limited.

You can also register to access the app as soon as it is released.


Our values

Let's share our know-how, our experiences, our projects and our initiatives. Let's move health democratically.
Your projects are put forward on hkind safely, we do not use your personal data in our statistics.
We believe that we are all health players and that the kindness of everyone improves the health of all.
To allow the bringing together of all health actors who are alike, it is also our desire, to surpass ourselves together.
Our intelligent matching algorithm allows you to find the health projects you want in just a few clicks.
Discover many project leaders, participate in our events, meet the health actors who share your values!

Our ethics committee

We have an ethics committee with volunteers who help us stay the course.

Magali Eymery
La voix de la raison et de la bienveillance, et qui nous aide à proposer aux soignants des projets qui les intéressent et qui les aident dans leur travail.
Anouar Hassoune
La voix de la finance éthique, il évitera à hkind de sombrer à force de vouloir faire les choses gratuitement !
Francois Pumir

La voix de l’Innovation et de la Tech éthique ou « Tech For Good », il veillera à ce que hkind utilise sa technologie pour améliorer la santé de tous.

Elise Cabanes
Le corps médical bienveillant, moderne et efficace, Elise est gériatre et elle adapte le système de soins à ses patients et non l’inverse.
You ?
If you're thinking of adding value to this board, and want to join, contact Alice : alice@hkind.co


Feel free to contact us to learn more, work together, talk about your project...