Welcome to hkind
Do you think that the effective sharing of projects and initiatives between all health actors improves the health of all? Welcome to hkind !

We all are
health players

hkind allows decompartmentalized, quick and easy sharing of initiatives and useful health projects.

hkind is for those who want to make a positive impact in the health sector: nurses, volunteers, professionals, patients or caregivers.

hkind is available!

Everything is offered for early birds!

If you submit your health initiative now, it will be highlighted right away on the app.

Your project will be among the first to be submitted and will, therefore, have more visibility!

Be careful, the number of projects benefiting from this offer is limited. You can also discover the health projects already on hkind.


Our values

Let us share our expertise, experiences, projects and initiatives. Let us move health in a democratic way.
Volunteers, patients, carers, carers... hkind promotes the projects of all health players, for a peer-to-peer exchange.
We believe that we are all health players and that everyone's kindness improves everyone's health.
Allowing all the health players to get in touch with each other is also our desire, in order to surpass ourselves together.
Our smart matching algorithm allows you to find the health projects that interest you in a few clicks.
Discover many project leaders, participate in our events, come and meet the health players who share your values!

Our ethics committee

We have an ethics committee made up of volunteers who help us stay on track.

Magali Eymery
The voice of reason and caring ,which helps us to propose projects to carers that interest them and help them in their work.
Anouar Hassoune
The voice of ethical finance, he’ll keep hkind from sinking while doing everything for free!
Francois Pumir
The voice of Innovation and Tech For Good, he will ensure that hkind uses technology to improve the health of all.
Elise Cabanes
The caring, modern and efficient medical profession, Elise is a geriatrician and adapts the care system to her patients and not the other way around.
Vous ?
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Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more, work together, talk about your project...